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By MAGGIE HOLMES 861 views

How to Hire WordPress Developers for your eCommerce Store

Are you aware that WordPress runs 40.6% of the entire internet? People hire WordPress developers to manage their projects in the market. It is tough to get the right talent on board and reach your goals in a competitive world, especially considering that hiring a cheap web development company will cost small businesses a lot more money in the long run.

It has become inevitable to hire a WordPress developer to unlock your website’s best features and functionalities. We have built a perfect collection of information to get the best WordPress developers for your project.

However, if you want to try to build your site by yourself before you hire a developer, you can do so with WordPress site builders.

Why invest in WordPress development?

It is one of the best Content Management Systems in the market. Some reasons that will convince you to choose WordPress for your website are:

  • It releases a new version after every 152 days
  • There are over 50,000+ plugins to boost the performance of the website
  • It has free and paid themes in the directory
  • WordPress is highly secure and handles significant online vulnerabilities


How to hire a WordPress developer in Australia that will match your requirements perfectly?

1. Understand your expectations when you hire a WordPress developer

Before you even start the process of searching for developers, you need to ask yourself the target of your website. Do you have certain functionalities and features decided for the website? This will change your perspective as:

  • A designer can provide you beautiful layout and unique visuals
  • A developer can add code to your website to run it smoothly for the visitors
  • While a combination of both can be obtained from an agency that has experts from every field.

Getting connected with an agency is the best option as they will handle the development process from scratch and maintain your platform seamlessly.


2. Know places to hire a WordPress developer

If you have precise requirements, it will be easier to get a quality developer for your project. There are specific approaches for this condition, which are:

  • Agency: They will have managers who will be your point of contact. Every task or change you need will be conveyed to their team through them. This helps in avoiding any complexities in the project development and eases the process.
  • Freelancing: Many online platforms will provide you with a list of freelancers willing to work on your project. It would be best if you researched deeply as there are many frauds in the market.
  • Recommendation: This is the easiest method to hire a WordPress developer Australia. Getting developers through contacts will be trustworthy, and you will know their working methods beforehand.


3. Learn about the development phase

It is vital to know enough about the phase as it is you who will be taking control of the project. Some typical milestones that every project goes through are:

  • Design Phase: If you are not sure about the design, you need to work with the designers to decide the final look and layout of the website.
  • Development Phase: This is a time-consuming task, as developers need to focus on each feature and functionality of the web pages.
  • Testing Phase: As an owner, it is your chance to see how your website appears on different devices and browsers. If there are any problems, convey them to the developing team during this phase.
  • Approval and delivery: After testing, you need to approve the final element and deploy it into the market.

This may not be the definitive list, but you need to set some points to launch a perfect WordPress website.

4. Must-Have Qualities as a WordPress developer

There are specific criteria that your developer must fit to build your website. Some vital qualities to look for when you hire WordPress developer are:

  • WordPress knowledge: They must know about themes, tools, plugins, and more. Their technical knowledge can help to build a customized website for your business.
  • WordPress Security: There are many security threats and vulnerabilities in the digital world. They must use the correct methods to build a secure website.
  • WordPress Trends: A proficient developer will know the latest versions of themes and plugins to deliver a flawless website.
  • Technical Knowledge: They must be experienced in developing widgets and customize themes as per your requirements. A professional developer does not have limitations in scope and learning.
  • Highly Experienced: By gaining experience in the industry, they must have encountered challenging tasks. This ensures to handle your queries efficiently.

5. Services that WordPress developers must give

It is evitable to check if they provide all the services and do not leave you hanging in between. Here is the list of services that you get when you hire a WordPress developer for your project:

  • Installation and Configuration: It is an open-source CMS, but installation and configuration might be complicated for non-technical people. Ensure they have experience in this process.
  • Responsive Design: This is very important, as mobile users are increasing at a high rate. Ensure that they deliver a responsive web, and you can target your audience effortlessly.
  • Migration: This is very vital when you plan to update your platform. Many developers feel it is risky as there are high chances of data loss. So, ensure they are capable of handling this process.
  • Plugin Development: As a developer, they must have the proper knowledge to build plugins to enhance the performance of your website.
  • E-commerce Solutions: WordPress has been delivering fantastic e-commerce websites with great features and user experience.

Wrapping it up!

It is always advisable to hire a WordPress developer that gives end-to-end services. Be it consultation, development, deployment, or quality analysis, they must be experts in all. This ensures a quicker time-to-market with excellent efficiency.


Maggie Holmes

Maggie Holmes is an Australian blogger who writes on renovation, fashion, technology, and business. You can follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MaggieH04666334