People often ask me these questions that how do I have time to work out? How do you stay consistent and achieve your goal? Well, the answer is very simple. Working out makes me feel good about myself. I have more confidence and feel strong. It changes my mood and relieves me of both internal and external stress. If working out can help me mentally and emotionally, why won’t I be persistent with it? 

Working out persistently is not a day’s job but the right attitude and few tips can go a long way in helping you. That’s why I, Darren Ainsworth, your friend, and registered dietitian, am here with some of the best ways to work out persistently.

Be honest with yourself

Losing weight and being fit does not happen overnight. It takes time, consistency, and persistence. Therefore, you have to be real with yourself. Set achievable goals and stick to your plan. For example, I started working out for 30minute every day.

After two weeks, I increased my timing and I stayed consistent with my time. These helped me stay active and also take me closer to my goals.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress motivates you to do better. You can get a journal or app to know if you are meeting your target. For example, know the number of calories you burn, the minutes you spend while running before losing your breath, and many more. 

Have a plan 

Having a workout plan is one of the best ways to be persistent when working out. It helps you reach your goal faster compared with picking random exercises you see online every time you want to work out. Those random workouts will only warm you up and make you feel stronger. But you need the pain to see real results.

Having a personal trainer offline or online also creates balance and helps you feel good to exercise. Your trainer will always motivate you, help you reach your goal, and give you a workout plan to have amazing results. 

Feel good about yourself

Feeling good is a vital key to a great workout. When you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t be able to put your mind and body into the workout. Put on your favorite workout cloth and enjoy every moment you spend and stay happy while working out. 

Set specific goals 

I know you have a goal of wanting to lose and be in shape but you have to be more specific with your goals. Ask yourself how much weight you want to lose and within what period? Why do you want to lose weight? What does getting in shape mean to you?

Be specific about why you are setting the goals for yourself. These will motivate you to work out during tough days.

Ask for support 

Support is an important factor when starting new things and you need to have yours in place to achieve your goal. Having a workout partner steer you back in the right direction when you are feeling lazy or tired. Studies have shown that people work out more when they are with their friends. 

Hang in there 

No one perfected their workout routine the first few days of starting. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience and consistency to see the result. Hang in there, keep making efforts and you will reach your goal. 

Prioritize your workout  

I know getting to the gym is often hard for beginners but you have to make it your priority. Set a time for your workout session and stick to it no matter the situation. Remind yourself of the reason you start working out and what you need to achieve.

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Darren Ainsworth
Darren Ainsworth
I’m Darren Ainsworth, the Registered Dietitian. I can help you sift through all the health information out there and find real, up-to-date, helpful insights.

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