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Famous Fashion Trends
By CAMERON BRODY 8,146 views

10 Famous Fashion Journalist to Follow

A famous fashion journalist in the realm of the fashion industry is crucial to elevate publication circulation, influence audience perspectives and bring forth a new vision. Famous fashion journalist is undeniably the unsung heroes that bring life in your fashion column, helping you to expand your business reach. But what do famous fashion journalist actually do?

First of all, famous fashion writers possess a great passion for writing and fashion. These famous fashion writers are prone to offer excellent fashion advice through expert blogs, professional articles and fashion columns for magazines, news articles and online publications. People who are enthusiastic about the fashion find fashion journalism a great way to express their opinions and give excellent fashion advice to a large number of audience. This is quite fruitful for the brand as well, as more brand awareness is spread, it creates a win-win situation for both the brand and the journalist.

Famous Fashion Journalist 2020

In addition to giving yourself a voice, fashion journalism is a great way to earn a good living and make yourself famous. If you become a hit-famous fashion journalist, there will be a tremendous amount of opportunities waiting for you. You can build a reputable name, travel, and live a good lifestyle with this career path. The impact of famous fashion journalists on the fashion industry is impeccable and sturdy. It’s evident to familiarize ourselves with the top 10 most cotton blend t-shirts memorable fashion writers and see their journey unfold right before us in this blog, so, let’s get started:

Suzy Menkes happens to be a star fashion Critic around the world. Bring interested and passionate about high street fashion, Suzy Menkes is quite influential in the fashion industry. From writing books in British Royale Style to be the first editor of her college newspaper, Suzy Menkes has come a long way. She is an incredible example of someone who has put in tireless efforts to pursue her dreams.

Her verdicts are quite influential, I must say. According to various sources, it is said that she challenged Marc Jacobs for a fashion show, and just after 2 hours the fashion show went live. She has given around 25 years to the International Herald Tribune Industry as a reporter and then later went on to serving different avenues such as Vogue and Harper Bazaar. Her pieces of content had the power to make a brand collection or to break it simply.


  • Robin Givhan

Robin Givhan is a leading fashion critic and editor. Working at “the Washington Post” for almost 15 years, she has been writing fashion columns for quite some time. Robin Givhan is the only Pulitzer Prize winner who has worked for various magazines such as The Daily Beast and Newsweek. With her epigrammatic writing style and sharp fashion criticism, she is renowned for giving out great judgment, reviews, and sharp evaluations on different aspects of fashion. She has undoubtedly, changed the way how people perceive fashion. She would stay a remarkable personality in this lifetime for your sure.


  • Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, born in 1949, is a British-American journalist, who became the editor in chief of Vogue since, 1988. She is widely known for supporting young designers and her eye for high fashion. Her trademark follows a bob cut which she has had on since her early teens and her dark sunglasses reflect her bold personality in a unique way. She dominated the fashion industry by bringing fashion for young women out in the limelight, giving a cultural shift to Vogue in undeniably, a unique way. By always inspiring young women for fashion, Anna turned around the major theme of Vogue completely, in young women’s favor. She is amazing at her work, and our youth should follow her to enhance their fashion statements and amend their perspectives on modern fashion.


  • Glenda Bailey

Being one of the most influential fashion icons in the fashion industry, Glenda Bailey is known for her bold ideas, fresh outlook, and magnificent creativity. Glenda Bailey increased the circulation of Marie Claire, about 80 percent ever since she joined it in 2001. She was the reason behind Marie Claire’s hot success back in London, once. Currently, being the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, she is the perfect personality to follow this year if someone wishes to grow as the best fashion content writer or if someone is passionate about becoming a famous fashion journalist.


  • Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld is a former editor-in-chief of Vogue, is an incredible French fashion editor. Born in raised in Paris, she started taking an interest in fashion from an early age. Beginning her career as a model from age 18, Carine later on, became a writer. After, completing shoots for popular magazines such as for the Americana and French Vogue, she was given an opportunity to edit Vogue Paris in 2001. This year marked the start of her career as a fashion critic. Currently becoming the founder and editor in chief of CR Fashion Book, she is the perfect icon that you must be looking forward to this year.


  • Cathy Horyn

Cathy Horyn being a world-famous fashion critic from America has worked for the New York Times for almost 16 years. Starting her career in fashion from “The Washington Post”, she developed an exciting interest in fashion. Her passion drove her to work for some prominent magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, and International Herald Tribune. She is renowned for her smart, edgy, and sharp reviews. She possesses a broad range of experience, mainly because she has been in this industry for about 30 years. So, make sure you follow her on your road to becoming a famous fashion journalist this year.

  • Alexander Fury

The fashion industry is mostly dominated by women, but there are some men who have marked their territory in some places. One such man is Alexander Fury. Alexander Fury keeps himself updated through social media accounts, where he gives out great fashion advice and makes great fashion statements. For him, fashion is everything; it keeps him off his feet all the time. Hence, do consider this remarkable icon when you think about becoming a fashion journalist.


  • Vanessa Friedman

Vanessa Friedman is the first person to hold the post of Fashion editor in financial times, is renowned for her honest reviews. She holds a massive fan following all over the world, as people have fallen in love with her simple writing style. Currently, working as a Chief Fashion Critic at the New York Times, Vanessa stays driven to add more value to this industry. Her writing style is that of an artist. She tends to write uniquely about an ordinary piece of clothing, in a way that is enjoyable by its readers.

  • Dana Thomas

Dana Thomas is an inspirational fashion journalist who began her career working in the style section of the Washington Post. Apart from being the best fashion writer, Dana is also an author of some outstanding books. Being an active contributor to a number of magazines such as the New York Times Magazine, to the Wall Street Journal, the Harper’s Bazaar, Dana Thomas continues to strive as a remarkable fashion critic this year as well.

  • Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo happens to be an aspiring Italian fashion journalist known in the fashion industry for her erratic street style. She has worked for the Vogue in japan as a creative consultant and editor at large. She runs her blog on various social media platforms that you can easily follow to leverage her diverse fashion-based knowledge.

Take Away

Becoming a famous fashion Journalist provides you with a great way to allow your fashion verdict to reach the world and to the masses. It’s a fantastic career opportunity for you’re to voice your opinions and express your feelings about a particular piece of clothing uniquely. If you are on the road towards becoming one, then, I would suggest you read this blog, which enlists some renowned fashion critics of all time.