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Summer Wig Maintenance
By ANEESH 1,523 views

6 Tips for Summer Wig Maintenance

Summer season is fast approaching. When your girls are bothered about the nail polish color and summer wears for the beach, women who wear wigs will be stressing about the care and maintenance of their wigs.

To make your wig experience a no-hassle one, we have compiled a few handy tips for maintaining the wigs during these warm summer months. It needn’t be all sweaty and irritating!

 1. Cover your wig if possible.

To protect from direct heat, wear a hat or head wrap while spending long periods outdoors. It will also protect your wig and keep your head and neck cool.

 2. Use Synthetic wigs.

Though human hair wigs are natural looking, during the hot summer months, it’s a good idea to make use of synthetic wigs to make yourself cooler. These are lighter and also less sticky in case of sweat.

 3. Short wigs are ideal.

Long hair and the heat? You know how messy it can be sometimes. Try out a shorter style during the summer. Long wigs that cover the nap of your neck prevent air circulation, which can get hot after a while. Trim the wig and try a style that allows circulation around your neck.

 4. Try different Hairstyles

Don’t want to go short? Not to worry, try braiding your wig to the side to allow air circulation. You can also try a simple up-do to increase air circulation.

 5. Stay away from direct heat.

When it comes to barbeque night outs, let someone else do the grilling. With the high heat of summer, any exposure to serious heat could cause serious damage to your wig. Storing wigs in an area that gets hot quickly, like the trunk of a car, can cause damage as well.

 6. Wash frequently.

Summer means extra washing for your wigs, but not too much. Washing about once a month during the summer will keep your wig clean without causing damage to the hair fibers.

A professional wig expert can help with all of your summer wig maintenance needs with a personalized consultation. If needed, they will also help style a new or current wig for you to wear during the hotter months of summer as well as help with grooming and washing. You deserve a stylish summer vacation! Look glamorous in the sun without compromising on your hair.


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