How Oral Health Affects The Entire Body?

Does oral health impact physical health? This question is more common than you think it is. A dentist hears this question countless times in his/her career. So, we would like to clear the shroud over the much-debated topic! 

The debate should not persist longer because dental experts and dentists have already made it clear that poor oral health impacts the human body and health. In fact, all of the research institutions have the same viewpoint when it comes to the connection between oral health and our body.  There is no second thought about this fact and you must know how this is possible. 

As the mouth is closely connected to the body’s digestive system and respiratory tracts, having degrading oral health nearly affects the human body. This is a reason enough for you to maintain proper oral hygiene and guard the gateway from harmful invaders. 

The mouth can have harmless bacteria and the saliva is strong enough to fight them. Yet lack of oral hygiene and saliva, genetic disorders, and hormonal changes can prove to be threatening and affect your body anytime soon.  It’s important to cultivate the habit of seeing the dentist regularly at a younger age. If you have children, we recommend to care for your kids smile with the Childrens dentist in Vienna.

Some of these situations are mentioned here and you must be well aware of them:

  • Gum infections pollute blood: Harmful bacteria begin to breed in your mouth when you do not take enough care of it. This in turn infects the gums causing Gingivitis or even a more serious gum disease known as Periodontitis. Both the infections allow oral bacteria to enter the bloodstream through gums that cause plague and blood clotting. Blood clots prevent the blood from flowing smoothly and lead to cardiac arrest or stroke. Such oral bacterial infections also cause endocarditis and cardiovascular diseases that once again result in heart attacks or strokes.
  • Impacts on pregnant mothers: Poor dental condition is often noticed with symptoms like inflammation of the gums. This triggers the advent of tissue-destructive events that pass into blood circulation. In the process, this causes premature birth and miscarriage.
  • Pneumonia: Respiratory diseases like pneumonia are commonly heard due to cold but have you heard of someone suffering from pneumonia because of gum diseases? Perhaps ‘no.’ Yet you will be shocked to learn about the fact that the presence of oral pathogens is associated with gum infections that are known to increase the patient’s risk of developing or enhancing the existing respiratory problems. As you would know, that pneumonia does become fatal.
  • Loss of memory: When the oral bacteria, bred by infected gums, enter the blood and spread right up to the brain, it causes inflammation and produces toxic proteins. This causes Alzheimer’s disease which makes the person lose his/her memory. More to it, Alzheimer’s patients are prone to having oral health diseases because of the declining memory that makes them forget to brush their teeth.
  • Hypertension: Gum diseases are responsible for worsening blood pressure and can interfere with the medications prescribed for hypertension, leading to complexities.
  • COPD and Other Diseases: Gum diseases and oral infections have found to be associated with COPD. They are known to aggravate the symptoms of COPD and can also cause other diseases related to females. In addition, women with gum diseases may end up delivering a pre-term baby.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Oral infections, especially plaque buildup, may contribute to cardiovascular diseases including stiffened artery walls, strokes, or even heart attacks. 
  • Weakening immune system: The life expectancy can be shortened as a result of poor oral conditions. Excessive harmful bacteria in the gums create a notable imbalance in the gums’ microbial community that weakens the immune systems causing reduced lifespan.

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