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By SARA WILSON 1,138 views

Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself From Procrastination

Life is a consequence of events in which you will have to work towards a goal that fills you with dopamine when achieved. This differs from person to person according to their interests, lifestyle, and even ideologies. For most people Getting good grades in schooling might be the biggest goal and eventually, it will shift to having a great career. There are people who live without terms in their life. They too will have a goal that surprises other people who live with the flow of society. This goal and working towards achieving is what engages you in your existence or else life is completely a mess of emptiness that drives you crazy! This actually evolves with your age.

But the problem is, This is not as simple as it sounds. Our human life has become a tale of distractions, especially in recent times. You know what! Our attention span has noticeably decreased from 12 seconds to 8.5 seconds within a short span of 15 years. The reason for the concern longs from over-addiction to social media to changes in lifestyle and so on. This has eventually brought up a lazy habit in our lives — “Procrastination”. We all know that it is simply the act of postponing the work without any reason. This has become a serious issue these days. Allow me to give some of the untapped ways to stop procrastination and do whatever you plan for,

Manage Energy

You may not know, The fact is that we live in terms of energy. No matter how disciplined you are, There will be days you would not feel like working which affects your productivity. This will happen when you feel down with low energy. You might have heard that “Energy is neither created nor destroyed”. It is a proven fact. The energy just transforms from one form to the other. Be wise in spending your energy, Try maximum to avoid the activities that drain your energy and make you lose interest in the important tasks to be done.

Award Small Rewards

Who would not want to be rewarded? Make a wish to award yourself with small gifts or tasks of your interest after the accomplishment of your goal. This will give you a fresh spirit that is enthused to do the work looking for the rewards you would give yourself. The only problem is that you must have high self-control and should be highly honest with yourself as there is no one to look after the activities. Another important factor is that you must keep in mind that the rewards you give should be a bad practice or something that affects your health.

Cease Your Bad Habits

You must practice controlling your emotions. You will get easily attracted to bad things or habits that drastically increase the dopamine level of your body when practiced. After-effects make you feel drained and lose interest in your day-to-day effective jobs that take you up to the next level. You must try your level best to start habits that induce discipline in you. You can read a valuable book, meditate for some time or else you can search on sites like ThreeBestRated® and find the best gym near you and transform yourself. This can bring a great change in you both physically and mentally.

Halt Being A Perfectionist

This is one of the very big mistakes made by beginners. You must never look for perfection in the work at the initial stages. This eventually stresses you out and affects the end result. In some cases, Even though the result is good you will not accept it as you are expecting high terms of perfection. It is always as good as gold to go with the flow, make mistakes, learn ideas and strategies, and obviously, you will have the perfection you expect.

Don’t Multitask

Another common mistake is dumping many practices at a single attempt. This will suck your energy and shatter your focus, making the end result unsatisfying. You will get totally confused with the tasks and will find ways to stop the practice. It is well and good to go one at a time and make it perfect. It also gives you the satisfaction of completion while working.

Set The Mood

The environment plays a major role in the work. It sets the mindset for the work. Therefore, Prepare your place of work before you are about to do it. It sets the mood and motivates you to have an interest in the work and complete it as of plan. Having a dedicated place for your work is as good as gold to prepare yourself for the work as it helps you to get into the work mode very easily.

Procrastination is said to damage mental health and implies negative thoughts in your mind. These are some of the valuable ways you can use to get rid of procrastination eventually with time and practice.

Sara Wilson

Sare Wilson is the Social Media Specialist for Three Best Rated. She is also an aspiring writer who likes to think out of the box and inspire people through her writing.