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There are a lot of myths circling fever, how vulnerable they are and how to get them to come down. Numerous people are astonished to learn that it frequently isn’t essential to try to bring a fever down at all. But if a fever is making you or your child suffering, there are some new things you can do to bring down fever securely.

Fevers usually occur when our body is attempting to fight infections. During fever, the internal body temperature acts as a defense mechanism and makes the body hot enough so that the germs that are attacking won’t persist. But in some cases, fevers can also make you feel terrible. It may lead you to some serious diseases. So in such cases, one can use these following steps to bring the temperature down.

Let’s explore a few good tips to treat a fever without medicine with Sami Anwar – CEO of Zain Medical Center.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

In fevers, it is necessary to make your body hydrated because higher body temperature can lead to dehydration. So to get hydrated drink enough fluids such as fruit juices, cool liquids, water, etc. So that you can maintain the temperature of the body and make it cool.

Take a Warm Shower

The medical experts of Zain Medical Center have explored that taking a shower in fever can be helpful. Because it may help you cool down your body but, it is really important that it shouldn’t be a cold shower. Because getting in cold or ice water may cause shivering’s which may raise your internal body temperature. So keep in mind that always take a warm shower because it will make you feel relaxed and could bring down the temperature as well.

Using Cool Packs

Using cool packs is one of the traditional methods which is helpful in treating fever at high temperatures. This technique is usually implemented by the persons that are heated up due to some certain factors such as gyms, exercises or after having a sunny day. Also, the use of cool packs is helpful in treating fever at high temperatures. But a person should always keep in mind that this traditional method can only treat fever on a short time basis. Once the cool pads are removed the temperature may rise again. But you need not worry about the use of cool packs, they will surely decrease the temperature. On the other hand, keep in mind that avoid the use of ice packs to treat down the fever or lower down the body temperature. So were some of the techniques that a person can apply to his/her loved once to lower down the body temperature or fever.

According to practitioners, there are also some of the things that a person shouldn’t try while facing a fever. Because the use of these things may lead to some dangerous diseases.

Rubbing down Alcohol on the Body

If any person suggests you to rub down alcohol in your body to lower the temperature then it is really a bad idea. Because this remedy can cause a lot of serious diseases and may also lead you to alcohol poisoning.

Doubling the Medicines

Some people get panic and take two or three medicines of different companies to lower down the body temperature which can be extremely dangerous. Because it will not only damage your internal organs but also will lead you to certain health diseases such as liver, heart, kidney, etc.

So these were some of the do’s and don’ts uncovered by the practitioners to deal with fever. According to Sami

Sami Anwar, the founder of Zain Medical Center, it is always better to have complete knowledge of techniques before implementing them. So, if you are still confused or having queries, feel free to write below in the comment box. We will surely get back to you with a solution.

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Sami Anwar
Sami Anwar
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