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Stop Comparing Yourself with others: It is Killing your Potential

Humans are social animals, and we tend to compare our life with others. We are living in a digital world and have many devices, tons of tools to connect with the world. We usually read lots of content online; we spend hours on social sites, we read newspapers online, we make a booking online, having the Internet made all these tasks so easy and accessible.

Despite having multiple advantages, we feel lonely because we compare ourselves with others. We want better without making an effort. We are used to comparing each thing, such as complexion, status, height, weight, marks, wealth, how many friends, and the list is endless.

Comparison gives birth to insecurity; as a result, we are unhappy and continually juggling between depression and comparison.

Popular social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram make our life insecure, and it is like we compare each and everything when we heard about Marriages, Anniversaries, Babies, Promotion, Birthdays, and whatnot. We don’t even realize that unnecessary comparison is killing our inner talent, and we remain unsatisfied.

So let see how social comparison can ruin your self-worth and gradually kill your potential to achieve something.

The Role Of Social Media

These days, we can not imagine that without scrolling a Facebook feed, our day has passed. No doubt, social media makes our life easy also, we can share and stay connected with distant friends and relatives, but when you start to compare yourself with each other, you will automatically enter the dark phase, and it will kill your present happiness.

This can create a negative impact, and you start to doubt yourself when it appears that someone is doing their best and living life to the fullest, whereas we feel useless and often think that we can never reach that person’s level.

Here we should understand that no two persons can be the same; even twins are so different from each other, and living a practical and straightforward life is more important than living in a superficial world.

Generally, teenagers and young adults are astonished by celebrities, and we usually try to live that virtual life in reality. Lastly, we feel insecure, and it creates an adverse impact on our mental health.

Instead of comparing, set some small goals like reducing some weight, engage with work, eating healthy food, a one-hour daily walk, these activities will slowly build confidence in you, and you will not have time for pretty comparisons.

These days we often hear the term “FOMO”(Fear Of Missing Out) when we are unable to attend a party, event, or any special occasion, and we start comparing on social media that we missed this occasion due to some reason.

How To Deal With Comparison

If you find yourself in the circle of social comparison, feeling lonely, or hating yourself, it is high time to get out of this trap. Try to follow the below ideas that might be helpful to you.

Digital Detox means a period when a person stops using digital devices like smartphones, social networking sites, computers, and tablets. It is tough in this digital age, but if you want to enjoy some time with yourself and if these devices create so much stress in your life, you can follow the digital detox method for some time.

If you want to stay busy and want to start something creative, investing in a gojek clone would be profitable, and you will get success within a short span.

If you spend more time on the Internet, you will perhaps find yourself comparing your life with total strangers, friends, family, and celebs.

You might set unrealistic life goals, and it seems everyone is rich and happy except you. Thus digital detox can be useful if you want mental peace for some time.

Live In The Moment, try to live in the present rather than impressing others and making efforts to please everyone.

Once you stop worrying about the future and start to live in the moment you will be satisfied with your life, and you will feel gratitude in your daily life like you have something, you have achieved something, and this feeling will make you more positive and kind towards life.

Stay Benevolent; there are many benefits of benevolence, it would be good for your inner peace, and you will feel kind and content with whatever you have.

Try to help people and do some good acts for your friends and strangers; you will see the best version of yourself and won’t compare yourself.

Moreover, don’t try to be perfect; having perfection in each thing is a myth; thus, don’t assume that the world around is perfect, so you have to be.

No, everyone has their own struggles, and that is okay, you just try to improve yourself and give yourself whatever you do. You will shine like stars.


No matter how and why we compare ourselves with others, it will not help us anyway, so start to consider the above points and change your perspective towards life. It is all about focusing on ourselves and building our empire instead of others. If you accept your life, you will stop comparing because life is not fair for anyone; everyone is facing some problems, you need to stay calm and ready to face any situation.

Last but not least, you can not compare apples with oranges. Both tastes are different. Does that make sense? No. Then stop comparing and start living.

Manoj Rupareliya

Manoj Rupareliya is the Online Marketing Expert and Blogger. He is an experienced writer with expertise in the field of technology, blockchain, crypto, AI, Digital Marketing and SEO.