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Anxiety due to social media
By ROGER EL SAMARA 3,250 views

Reasons How Social Media is Related to Anxiety

Social media has become a huge part of our life. Greatly loved and used by people of all ages, it has become a crucial tool of connection and communication with anyone across the globe… However, we can’t deny that with our over reliance on social platforms comes a blow to mental health. And if you are someone living with social anxiety, you are probably doing more harm than good to those symptoms. 

Let’s face it, social media has been a contributing factor to many people anxiety, depression, social disorder, FOMO and many more. It’s not surprising Instagram itself decided to suppress the number of likes on contents shared in a bid to reduce social media pressures and comparison traps others might fall into due to popularity. 

You might have at one point in time desire one your favorite celebrity banging body. Your friend online are getting married, starting business or having babies but you aren’t. You crave for applauds, likes and comments when you post pictures on Instagram. You wake up to latest tweets on Twitter and spend the day with mindless scrolling on Instagram. We have all been there and if this and more are what you are through, be aware that social media might be the fueling your anxiety, depression and feeling of loneliness. I, Roger El Samara understands what it is having been there myself. This article will shed more light on how social media is affecting your mental health. When you know the root cause, your journey to healing has began. 

Comparison game

Ever checked anyone’s Instagram stories and feel like they are doing better in life than you? This is the trap many has fallen into quite often. Where are they getting dollars to go for those trips? Why am I still stuck at this followers after years of blogging when she has only started blogging? We all know how this comparisons goes, yet we can’t ignore how much we have beat ourselves so hard just because we can’t be like X or buy Y, Z. 

Just in case you need a reminder: comparison is the thief of joy and no one post their pains and scars on social media. They only post what they want you to see. Become more cautious of scrolling and stalking others people’s life online when you should be more focused on yours. 

Feeling inadequate about your life and appearance

Those perfect Instagram photos isn’t helping out either. We always fail to remember their are various photo editing apps that are portraying people beautiful more than they really are. I have heard people who constantly update content on social media talks about anxiety and positive mental health. They know they are not living up to their Instagram feeds and they are constantly in fear of being found out. Some are afraid of meeting people in real life who only knows about their supposed “perfect” online world. They assumed they could be scrutinized or judged when they found out that their skin isn’t flawless after all, or they aren’t that rich as they have make their followers to believe. 

Understand that you are beautiful and unique in your way. And posting what you are not on Instagram to make people believe you are might be a signal that you need to work on your self-esteem and stop seeking the appraisal and acceptance from others.

Social media judgement and scrutiny

Everyone desired to be accepted and loved. That is why when you post pictures, we are as well waiting for comments and likes to pour in. When this never happens, anxiety sets in. You start questioning your image and asking yourself if the picture wasn’t good enough. One thing you should understand is that if you are living off others’ perception of you, you can’t be happy. Don’t let their opinions control you and stay independent of them. Also, never take negative opinions or comments to heart. Nothing is worth your peace of mind. 

Many of you has been asking me, Roger El Samara, what causes social media anxiety and one can one deal with it. Here you go! Check out my page for more. 

Roger El Samara

Hi, I am Roger el Samara from Montreal, Canada. I write about mindfulness, self help, books, health & wellness, travel and food. Do enjoy browsing.

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2 years ago

Excess use of any things is always harmful. Using social media more than required can leads to feelings of inadequacy, isolation, dissatisfaction. As a result, these negative feelings affect your mood and you notice anxiety, stress, and depression.